Project thinking is so often confused with Product thinking. I didn't find it that intuitive. It took me some to rewire my brain from 'project' to 'product' mode of thinking. Each program has a — Why, What and the How. The Project Manager focuses more on the — What and the How. The Product Manager focuses on the — Why. To reason the Why, Product folks constantly test their hypothesis through [[User Research]]. Why is X important? Whom are we doing it for? Why are we doing it now? Project folks are more concerned with the execution of timelines — How can we remove blockers? How can we optimise? [@shreyas]( has given a very nice classification of project and product thinking here: ![]( Personally with my product role at Noora, one of the key challenges I have faced is to move beyond just the 'documentation of feature requests'. The core role of Product is to actually deliver a product that is 'useful, usable and desirable'.