Dopamine, the molecule of motivation – is the currency by which we assess value & progress toward goals. Maintaining a harmony in our dopamine levels can have a significant impact on our overall quality of living. Best way to understand dopamine and our relationship with it is through the analogy of a wave pool. Imagine the brain is like a wave pool, and dopamine is the wave generator. In a wave pool, the wave generator creates waves that ripple through the pool, creating a sense of excitement and enjoyment for the swimmers. Similarly, in the brain, dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter that carries signals between neurons. It is involved in the brain's reward system, motivating and reinforcing certain behaviors. When something pleasurable or rewarding happens, such as achieving a goal or receiving a compliment, the wave generator (dopamine) releases waves of pleasure and satisfaction throughout the brain's wave pool. These waves of dopamine create a sense of reward and reinforce the behavior that led to the pleasurable experience. It's like the waves in a wave pool encouraging swimmers to continue swimming and enjoying the pool. ^7e5e65 However, just like in a wave pool, the dopamine waves need to be balanced. If there are too many waves, it can lead to excessive reward-seeking behavior or addiction. On the other hand, if there are too few waves, it can result in a lack of motivation or anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure). So, the analogy of a wave pool helps illustrate how dopamine acts as a wave generator in the brain, creating a sense of reward and motivation for certain behaviors. ^9c5358 Sometimes, when we abuse the dopaminergetic stimulus system, it takes time for the wave pool to be restored to normalcy. Take this example of how absence of ejaculation for a week restores the T levels by 400%. At the same time, watching porn or masturbating daily causes the opposite: lack of motivation or anhedonia. ![[2023-06-18-Sunday#^00f6c3]] ![[Dr. Kyle Gillett — Tools for Hormone Optimization in Males#^8ecaaf]]