## Engineering is closest to magic ### Engineering is closest to magic > ### What is now proven was only once imagined. I read this quote a few weeks earlier. And I have been pondering about this ever since. I first came across this in Joi Ito's book titled [Whiplash](https://www.amazon.com/Whiplash-How-Survive-Faster-Future-ebook/dp/B01A5VQUOI). And that got me thinking. Imagine you go centuries back and whisper into the passersby ears that you would have a glass slab which you could use to talk to someone thousand miles away. Not just that, you could just swipe right on this slab to find your dating partner and even watch films or play games on it. They might have outright dismissed you. _What a nutcrack._ If we put ourselves in their shoes, we might have thought about the smartphone the same way. The magic we have in our pant-pockets. Engineering is the closest thing we have when it comes to magic. It's is the engine that pulls humanity forward, which eventually becomes technology, which becomes various designs in application. ![[Your P2K Articles-21#^01bf10]] ![[Your P2K Articles-21#^81e1f3]] What is now an engineered product was just speculation or quackery decades back. Civilisations progress, and the testament of progress comes with this saying — > ### What is now proven was only once imagined. Science is not slowing down. There would be even more magic. ![[Your P2K Articles-20#^08f3ba]]