Sometimes it's very difficult to describe the meaning of a word. In some cases, it helps to describe it with what it is not. Good is the opposite of bad. Heavy is the opposite of light. In a a similar way, care can be described best by what it is not. Carlo Caduff writes a poetic piece called hot chocolate. Care needs care. Care itself is an invisible object. We don't have a full articulation of what we consider as care. Care and violence are two sides of a coin. If someone is trying to remove a bandaid to reduce the pain, is actually causing pain. or, if someone has trigeminal neuralgia, they are not even able to express their pain, and the action of a caregiver might sometimes be dangerous.[^1] Various scholars have researched about care and perspectives around it: ![[shreyas-11-07-2023 at [email protected]]] Some of the scholars also mention that the opposite of care is not violence, it is actually abandonment. [^1]: It's commonly called as a suicide disease as most of them are not able to withstand the pain.