When I'm talking about having personal board of advisors, I'm not talking about bringing them all in one place and sending them memos. No fancy memos. Not even calling them as a 'mentor' or an 'advisor'. You create a list of folks with the best of the best you've interacted with. I would still call it a 'Board of Advisors' as these are only for your personal reference, they act as invisible labels helping you uniquely position certain individuals in a specific way: as advisors. Once you've provided invisible labels to a set of advisors constituting your board, you just need to seek their guidance. Acknowledge their position of importance. ## Gameplan one: Trinity Formation The game plan is to start with the Trinity in the first place: * an Operator: your proposed plan must be very logical & detailed * a Craftsperson: your plan must first be grounded in superb insights * a Visionary: your plan must be ambitious & fit into a compelling longterm play Structure it accordingly ## Gameplan two: Trio to Sixtuples Broaden the trio and make it more consolidated. ![[Tweets From Julianna Rowsell#^00030b]] ## Gameplan three: Rope Subject Matter experts as consultants For example, in my case: | Advisor | Field | |:-----|:-----| | reddy2go| Learning to play, playing to learn | | Ryan Kulp | Ruby | | Anubhav Arora | Product Strategy | | Jose Etcheverry | Sustainable energy, Smart Cities | | Krishna Rajagopal | Integrated Product design | | Aravind Balla | Full stack development | | Sudharshan | AI/ML |