## blips from my radar ### blips from my radar I was chased by a man-eating tiger in a rural village. I was just 50 meters away from its deadly pounce. [I managed to capture this moment](https://photos.app.goo.gl/zxBkHuicmwLEfoLR7https://photos.app.goo.gl/zxBkHuicmwLEfoLR7) while it was headed towards me. (I live to tell this story) I am a proud grand teacher. [One of my students](https://github.com/pratikdeshmukh2004) is now teaching programming to 40 other rural students) I had a near-death experience twice and have been having gratitude letters to most of my friends ever since. I've got lost in rural Bhutan with no money, phone and friends and got help from an Indian army officer who knew someone who knew someone who I knew. I've engineered serendipity in my life by writing on various topics which I have deeply reflected upon (I've met three of my co-founders through such essays) I got banned from drawing cartoons in the classroom while in fourth grade. I had inspired (or distracted?) other students to obsessively sketch cartoons in the classroom prompting the teacher to take such a drastic measure. Have written book notes from more than 250+ books on various topics such as writing, business decisions, design and research. I compiled them all sold them for free online. I've performed a street play to raise awareness against the ill effects of domestic violence and alcoholism through drama and humour. This was performed in front of a crowd of 700 people from the village who had gathered for a festival.