![[A Song of Shapes and Words - Roon’s Newsletter#^348041]] Central thesis: Architects and industrial designers make GREAT web designers, graphic designers. As their core work is in 3D/4D spaces, they shine in 2D topology. * Raw Notes * * Talk a little bit about Roons Word Incels and Shape Rotator theory. * Myers Briggs has been debunked (everything is a spectrum) * Just like how you have introverts and extroverts * You have word inceks and shape rotators * How to know who you are? * Sub theory that shale rotators like industrial designers and architects have an advantage doing graphic design as they think in shapes * Advanced shape rotators who can perceive taste with a location (advanced shape rotators) - genetic trait which could make them better cooks * ![[A Song of Shapes and Words - Roon's Newsletter#^348041]] *