# How to Make Friends as A... ![rw-book-cover](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1615061137611198466/GVt_FJc7.jpg) ## Metadata - Author: [[@selfhealerscirc on Twitter]] - Full Title: How to Make Friends as A... - Category: #tweets - URL: https://twitter.com/selfhealerscirc/status/1624453106351104000 ## Highlights - How To Make Friends As An Adult: ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/selfhealerscirc/status/1624453106351104000)) - 1) Join a local or online group ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/selfhealerscirc/status/1624453107978584068)) - 2) Use social media: comment on people’s photos or send a DM saying “hi” ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/selfhealerscirc/status/1624453109303975936)) - 3) Get comfortable putting yourself out there ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/selfhealerscirc/status/1624453110906191883)) - 4) Understand that not everyone is compatible for a friendship with you ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/selfhealerscirc/status/1624453112147705859)) - 5) Give yourself time for friendships to grow and develop ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/selfhealerscirc/status/1624453113686917125)) - If you found this helpful follow: @selfhealerscirc Join SelfHealers Circle Waitlist: https://t.co/ffbEEKcaB5 ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/selfhealerscirc/status/1624453115142365185))