# Tweets From CCC ![rw-book-cover](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1294788174342950913/m4CfSURF.jpg) ## Metadata - Author: [[@cococ_rr on Twitter]] - Full Title: Tweets From CCC - Category: #tweets - URL: https://twitter.com/cococ_rr ## Highlights - Finally my newest collaboration with @cicatriz is out! PDF Highlight support for @RoamResearch 😎 We are looking for beta testers. Let me know if you are interested. cc: @Conaw @thepericulum @roamhacker @JoelChan86 @houshuang @AbhayPrasanna https://t.co/dFDnQdcB5k ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/cococ_rr/status/1354504582576168964)) - After a month of testing, @hungriesthippo1 and I are releasing the enhanced PDF extension for #roam. Thanks to #roamcult beta testers! I explain options and show my workflow in a long tutorial: https://t.co/T4XRChHFWl Code link is in the video description. Enjoy! ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/cococ_rr/status/1366654227506991105)) - If you religiously track your time and also spend a good chunk of it in @RoamResearch you may find {{[[c3-timer]]}} useful. ccc: @Conaw @thepericulum @houshuang @cicatriz @roamhacker @dvargas92495 @AbhayPrasanna https://t.co/G1fmIZpima ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/cococ_rr/status/1403829291415134208))