# Tweets From Haje 🌈 ![rw-book-cover](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1600929351935135753/Glo0tuCK.jpg) ## Metadata - Author: [[@Haje on Twitter]] - Full Title: Tweets From Haje 🌈 - Category: #tweets - URL: https://twitter.com/Haje ## Highlights - It's only two weeks until fundraising season starts in earnest. I've collected the top 30 or so articles on @TechCrunch about the fundraising process: https://t.co/d3S0KP6cJX - in addition to links to the first 30 or so Pitch Deck teardowns. Enjoy! ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/Haje/status/1602232663540219904))