# Tweets From Jay Dutta ![rw-book-cover](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1413863142891810816/cJ5WL9Q5.jpg) ## Metadata - Author: [[@jdallcaps on Twitter]] - Full Title: Tweets From Jay Dutta - Category: #tweets - URL: https://twitter.com/jdallcaps ## Highlights - Am often asked to refer 'solid', 'reliable' & 'good' Ux Design Studios, Research, Brand Design Agencies or Illustrators/Visual artists to work with, in India. This is a list of some wonderful, talented people (and studios) I know. https://t.co/0elSGtPB9m 1/2 ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/jdallcaps/status/1409777586813603842))