# Tweets From Tessa Davis ![rw-book-cover](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1603706652665995265/skwsHePI.jpg) ## Metadata - Author: [[@TessaRDavis on Twitter]] - Full Title: Tweets From Tessa Davis - Category: #tweets - URL: https://twitter.com/TessaRDavis ## Highlights - Of all the meeting platforms we've used over the last 2 years, Zoom is the one I love most. Most of us think we know Zoom inside out. But we don't. Here are 7 Zoom hacks you probably haven't heard of, but you'll be glad you now know. 🧵👇 ([View Tweet](https://twitter.com/TessaRDavis/status/1513957564316364805))