Atomic Habits

By: James Clear - Read: May 25, 2021 - Rating: 9/10

Life changing!

Had a great impact in reframing my mindset towards cultivating good habits. Have also been using the Habits app by James clear. I've been using this to cultivate one good habit. I've been coding one hour consistently and maintaining a good streak all thanks to this app, and the philosophy of atomic habits.

My Notes

Compounding is a very powerful force. You should be thinking about your current trajectory, habits, and the little things you're doing, not the results.

Results are a delayed reflection of this. This is a very important concept.

Positive compounding

  • Productivity
  • Knowledge
  • Relationships

Negative compounding

  • Outrage
  • Stress
  • Negative thoughts

Most compounding processes have delayed results. There's often a breakthrough period where results actually show, and it's delayed.