Hi, I'm [[Shreyas Prakash | Shreyas]], a social designer turned [[Shreyas Prakash#^883af1 | entrepreneur]] turned product manager. My biggest satisfaction in life is to build and ship my own products and see people use them. When I’m not building, I’m usually thinking through my ideas by writing. I use this [[Digital Garden of Ideas | digital garden]] as my thinking pad. Writing is thinking. You’ll see all my loosely tended, wild garden of essays seeding ideas on the internet [^1] There are drafts, ideas, partials, fragments, and anecdotes. They aren't refined or complete. And are less perfect than most of the personal websites you're used to seeing. These notes are designed to be exploratory. You start somewhere. And end up somewhere else. Follow your own trail. **It's an attempt to encourage the slow growth of my ideas (in public).** The eventual goal is that some of these ideas might "click" with a few of you, and we might end up exchanging a long email thread poking and growing that idea further. And for some, you might vibe with an idea so much that you have a ‘full body resonance’. If that’s the phenomenon you’re experiencing, let's connect on [Twitter!](https://twitter.com/pablomuralo) PS: *If you get lost somewhere, you can use the **interactive graph** on the right side to dig into to the topic of your interest. (supported on desktop view)* --- ## Indie Internet Courses - [[Digital Gardening using Obsidian]] (WIP) - [[AI Ops Mastery — Delegating 40% of your Tasks to AI Agents]] (WIP) - [[Document your PM work using Notion]] (WIP) --- ## On Product Thinking - [[Pluginization of Modern Software]] - [[Anything as a Product]] - [[Builder Managers — Why Managers Should be Builders Too]] - [[Building 101 — Personal Philosophy of Building]] - [[02 Productivity/Building an audience before product? Or building a product before audience?|Building an audience before product? Or building a product before audience?]] - [[Digital Products Built Like Physical Artisanal Tools]] - [[Good and Great User Interviews]] - [[Make Alignments Easier Through Slack Memos]] - [[Strategic Wrapper for Consulting Gigs]] - [[Minimum Lovable Product Is The New Minimum Viable Product]] - [[Hacks to Build Your Alpha Team]] - [[On ChatGPT for Product Managers]] - [[Personal Observation Techniques]] - [[Project Theme Songs to Make You Flow]] - [[Proof-of-work for product managers]] - [[How to Pull of a 10x Meeting]] - [[Playful Software Experiences — How Great Products are Great Toys]] - [[Product versus Project]] - [[Proof-of-work for product managers]] - [[Ideal Reference Check Process]] - [[Task Management for Product Managers]] - [[The Importance of Explaining the Why in Task Management]] - [[Psychology of Purchasing Decisions through COM-B Framework]] - [[You don't have to always measure something to manage it]] - [[Hiring Namedroppers in the Age of Meritocracy]] --- ## On AI Ops - [[Repetitive Copyprompting using SheetGPT]] --- ## On Side Projects - [[Why I Prefer Indie Softwares and Indie Makers]] - [[How Good Quality Ideas Trump Execution]] - [[Participating > Marketing]] - [[How to Run a Successful Airbnb]] - [[Use Code Only if No Code Fails!]] - [[Creative Side Hustles for 2023]] --- ## On Productivity - [[Inception Plotline Journalling — Why Monotasking is a Myth]] - [[40 Questions To Ask Every Decade]] - [[40 Questions To Ask Every Year]] - [[Beauty of Repeating — Everyday Rituals]] - [[Capsule Wardrobing — Less Dresses, More Thinking]] - [[Habit Stacking — How to Layer your Habits on your Schedule]] - [[How to Capture Everything — Clarity Notes, Snipd, Otter.ai]] - [[I Don’t Have To Be the Best — The Unoptimisation Mantra]] - [[Marketing Things to Yourself — Unoptimised Living]] - [[Philosophy of Digital Gardens]] - [[Zettel as a fundamental unit of connection]] - [[Uploading my brain online ft. Notion]] --- ## On Fitness - [[Turmeric leads to Lead Poisoning]] - [[When in Doubt Use Baby Products]] - [[Busting Myths Around Cow Urine]] - [[Natural Does Not Equal Good — The Biggest Scam of the 21st Century]] - [[The Beverage Trifecta — How Matcha Tea, Coffee and Yerba Mate Go Hand in Hand]] - [[Workout Bundling — How to Balance Workout Plans With or Without Equipments]] - [[Napuccino — How Drinking Coffee After Napping Improves Alertness]] - [[Stress Busters — Psychological Sighs and Wim Hof Breathing Techniques]] - [[Testosterone Boosting — Routines to Peak Your T levels]] - [[Meta-analysis for health-related decisions]] - [[Keep chasing personal records]] - [[Checklist to Shortlist a Competent Doctor]] - [[Personal Fitness Strategy]] - [[Marathon Race to Be A Centenarian]] --- ## On Design - [[Negative affordances — Make a User Not Take an Action]] - [[Rapid Journey Prototyping — How To Use Design Methods in Day-to-day Life]] - [[What is Service Design?]] - [[Mapping Interconnections Through Service Design Blueprinting]] - [[Compiling User Interviews — Best Practices and Tips]] - [[Synthesis is different from summarisation]] - [[Diet Planning 101 — Frameworks on Drafting Diet Charts using ChatGPT]] - [[Actionable Reflection — How to Supercharge Design Process Through Rapid Questioning]] - [[Design education for the marginalised]] - [[The Design Manifesto — Exploring Personal Principles and Expertise]] - [[Design is a confusing word]] - [[Annual Review of 2020 - Eternal Recurrence of Being]] - [[Design thinking for matchmaking]] --- ## On Technology - [[Engineering is closest to magic]] - [[Why Fringe Ideas Always Lie in The Fringe]] - [[Let's have Tea over AI Doomsday Scenarios]] - [[Everything we know about sustainability is wrong]] - [[Most Advanced Yet Acceptable]] - [[Read, Write and Create in Web3]] - [[Wicked problems, Wicked designers, Wicked world]] - [[From humans to metahumans]] - [[Multi-player knowledge Synthesis]] --- ## On Nature - [[To not lose contact with nature]] - [[Spirituality is religion in first principles]] - [[Nietzschean Walks]] --- ## On Education - [[Micro-Learning through ChatGPT Quizzes and Cheat Sheets]] - [[University of unknown unknowns]] - [[Entrepreneurial education for rural children]] - [[Choosing Portfolios over grades]] - [[Exploring Liminal Spaces]] - [[Ministry of Unborn Children]] --- ## On Philosophy - [[Curious Case of Unpaid Interns]] - [[Tips and Tricks to Maximise Pleasure While Eating]] - [[Diversify your Identity Portfolio]] - [[Think, Wait and Fast]] - [[Experience as a Unit of Time]] - [[Present is Past Rolled Up for Action]] - [[The Season of No — The Voluntary Drought Of Rejecting New Initiatives]] - [[Brandolini's Law]] - [[Convention over Configuration — Lessons from Learning Ruby]] - [[Sapir Whorf Hypothesis]] - [[Don't Repeat Yourself — Lessons from Learning Ruby]] - [[Frequently in Frequently out (FIFO) — How Environment Shapes Language]] - [[Every Trilemma You've Ever Seen — Complete List of Trilemmas in Daily Life]] - [[Burkean conservatism]] - [[Setting the Past on Fire]] - [[Susegad]] - [[Naive intervention]] - [[Are you a shape rotator?]] - [[Dharma Inquiry Questions]] - [[Janusian Thinking]] - [[Anti Memetic Thinking]] - [[Global wayfinding meditation]] --- ## On Media - [[Designing a Language to Talk to AI]] - [[Importance of Trust while Photographing Communities]] - [[Personal Websites to Enhance One's Thinking]] - [[Peak Hook Overload]] - [[Design Fiction Series — Social Media v4.0]] --- ## On Writing - [[Brevity is the Ultimate Sophistication]] - [[Minto Principle for Slack messages — Structuring the Why, What and the How]] - [[Just Read Books — Books as the Best Knowledge Transmission Tools Ever Invented]] - [[How To Write Like a Centaur Using Obsidian (Early 2023 Version)]] - [[Mood Based Journalling — Journalling Across Mood Swings]] - [[Design of a Zettel — The LEGO Blocks of Learning]] --- ## On Startups - [[Startups As a Fertile Ground for Risk-Taking]] - [[Peak Titular Inflation]] - [[Keep professional relations with friends professional]] --- ## On Public Health - [[Medical Anthropology — Learnings on Care, Trust and Pain]] - [[How Do Impact Organisations Measure Impact?]] - [[Care and Violence are Two Sides of the Same Coin]] - [[Strategies for Building and Maintaining Complex Systems]] - [[Why is India the Diabetes Capital of the World?]] - [[Essential Kit for Floods]] --- ## On Psychology - [[Marketing That Implies the Obvious]] - [[Default Questions — Three Questions to Ask a Stranger]] - [[Mutual Manifesto — Questionnaire for Ambitious Couples]] - [[Act is Reward in Itself — COM-B Model of Behavior Change]] - [[Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking]] - [[What Every Body is Saying — Your Hips Don't Lie]] - [[Physiognomy Is a Pseudoscience That Works]] - [[The Busy Mantra — Never ask a Busy Person for Lunch]] - [[Turn On The Hive Switch]] - [[Hell Yes or No]] - [[Vision Fast]] - [[Being Sectarian]] - [[Civilisations are cyclical]] - [[Fear of Being Ordinary]] - [[Science of Cult Formation]] - [[Living Bimodal lives]] - [[Masala Dosa Theory]] - [[Procrustean Bed]] - [[Chinese Water Torture]] - [[Ostrich burying its head]] - [[Purple Cow]] - [[Storytelling as a form of Conflict Resolution]] - [[Fifty Shades of Human beings]] [^1]: The word 'essay' was originally coined by Montaigne in his autobiography. It's a collection of personal reflections on various topics such as friendship, education, and morality.